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Don’t let maintenance turn into repairs! Complete a maintenance request form and your property manager will ensure that your issue is attended to.

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Whether you’re old school and like to fill out a form by hand and pen, or you enjoy the modern convenience of online forms, we have you covered.

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We understand that sometimes you need to talk to us face to face.  To request an appointment with our Property Management Team, complete the request appointment form to schedule an appointment.

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Whether it’s paying your bond, connecting your utilities, yard maintenance, or just a spring clean, Property Excellence has you covered.

What is easyBondpay?

With easyBondpay you can ease the pain of moving home and pay your rental bond over 6 or 12 monthly installments.

Direct Connect

Before moving into your new home, our team of specialists can arrange Direct Connect to contact you.


Whether moving into your new home, already residing or vacating your property. Talk to our friendly team about how we can help arrange your cleaning, moving, maintenance and repair needs.

Tenant Articles

Introducing tenant assisted routine inspections

What is a tenant assisted routine inspection?  A tenant assisted routine inspection is a virtual method of Property Excellence carrying out a routine inspection.  A link is sent by Property Excellence to the tenant via email and SMS, which the tenant then clicks the link and carries out their routine inspection, including taking...
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A tenant’s guide to rent increases

Why do rent increases occur? There are many reasons rent increases occur throughout the time of your tenancy.  Some of these include: Changes in rental market conditions To assist in the overall increase of expenses of the property including rates and insurance premiums Improvements being carried out to the property...
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How do I download documents from my Property Excellence Portal?

At Property Excellence, we make accessing information regarding your tenancy as easy as the click of a button.   The following support article assists Property Excellence tenants with: Downloading Rental Receipts Downloading Residential Tenancy Agreements Downloading Entry Condition Reports On a web browser: Please visit https://prex.com.au/portal/ Sign in with your username and...
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Pets and your tenancy

Consent for pets during a tenancy Did you know that it is a requirement of your Residential Tenancy Agreement to obtain consent from the landlord in order to have pets at the property during your tenancy? How can this be done? There are 2 ways of obtaining consent for a pet...
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A Tenant’s Guide to Routine Inspections

Ever wondered why your Property Manager or Landlord carries out inspections of the property you are renting during your tenancy? 
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The importance of paying rent on time

Do you pay your rent on time?  Do you regularly pay a few days... maybe a week late?  Are you constantly in arrears?
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We’ve loved being mobile so much we’re staying that way!

As you may know, here at Property Excellence we’ve been mobile for some time now… and we LOVE it… so we’ve decided to stay that way.
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