Pets and your tenancy

Consent for pets during a tenancy
Did you know that it is a requirement of your Residential Tenancy Agreement to obtain consent from the landlord in order to have pets at the property during your tenancy?

How can this be done?
There are 2 ways of obtaining consent for a pet during a tenancy.

  1. Include the details of your pet/s on your application form at the time of applying for a tenancy on a property and as such having those pets included in your tenancy agreement (section 53); or,
  2. Submitting a request to your Property Manager for consent from the landlord of the property you are renting to obtain a pet throughout the duration of your tenancy.

How to request consent to obtain a pet during your tenancy
To make the process of requesting consent to obtain a pet during your tenancy easier, here at Property Excellence we have a Request for Pets – Post Tenancy Commencement online form which you would need to complete.   This form can be accessed on the forms page of our website.

Upon receipt of this form, our team will contact the landlord of the property you are renting with your request for their consideration and advise you of the outcome accordingly.

What happens if you obtain a pet during your tenancy but don’t obtain consent?
If you were to obtain a pet during your tenancy without first obtaining consent, this would be a deemed a breach of your Residential Tenancy Agreement and as such a breach notice could be issued requiring you to remedy the breach, meaning no longer have the pet at the property.  Failure to remedy the breach could result in your tenancy being terminated.

What if your pet causes damage to the property?
If your pet gets up to mischief and causes damage during your tenancy, you are responsible for rectifying this damage.  If damage is discovered at a routine inspection, you may be issued with a notice to remedy breach because of this damage followed by a termination notice if the damage is not repaired in the timeframe specified on the breach notice.  Here at Property Excellence we understand that accidents can happen and we don’t want to see you obtain a negative rental history that could make it hard for you to secure another property down the track.  As such, if some form of damage occurs, please email details to us at and we will assist you in rectifying accordingly.

Are there any extra requirements when you vacate?
If you’ve had pets at the property during your tenancy, there may be a need to have the carpets professionally cleaned and/or a professional pest treatment carried out.

This is not always the case and our team will assist you when preparing to vacate to ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary expenses.